The School has served by a committed, skilled and qualified professional staff and strives to be a centre of excellence across the curriculum with a particular speciality in music and sports and other activities.The aims of the School are:

  • To provide a first class education, with a broad, participative and balanced curriculum.
  • To enable all our children to achieve their true potential, so that they reach the highest possible standards in everything they undertake
  • To encourage citizenship and responsibility, so that children learn self discipline and respect for themselves, each other, and for the world in which they live.
  • To provide an environment for personal growth in which children discover their talents and abilities and learn generosity of spirit


School aims at nurturing individuals with paramount values and multivalent competencies.This lofty ideal is accomplished by virtue of a dynamic curriculum that envisions not only academic excellence but a wholesome all round development of the child, his character and personality, aesthetic refinements, effective skills and the art of living.

School Philosophy

The Bimla Schools believe that schools must be vibrant centres of learning. Which is why education is not limited to academic excellence, but also extends to life enriching fields like music and sport We believe that students learn best under an atmosphere that is open, caring and conducive to learning. And that, collaboration between students, parents, teachers and management can together build communities, strengthen educational opportunities and develop strong value systems

In our campus we have got healthy atmosphere and environment for the students, which provide them high quality of learning. Every school day, our teachers strive to create an exciting and inspiring learning experience for every child. Our school will be the stage for many of your child's most exciting days. Our Primary School students explore their creative talents in a dedicated arts and crafts centre, and benefit from an IT room, music rooms, a space for movement and dance, and three separate playgrounds. Early Years students have dedicated classrooms and a play area. Our Secondary School facilities are set up to support students as they master a wide range of subjects. There are rooms for design technology, computer technology, art and design, music and drama. Students can explore the wonders of science in science laboratories, or revise for their Programme in a dedicated study room.

Greetings from our Principal - Mr. Shachindra Bharti

We at BIPS making efforts to impart quality education at very low fee structure. Our aim to reach out to the last child of the society who are under privileged and yet to be exposed for good education. We want to bring them in to the main stream of society. Once they are educated they can think of their betterment and ultimately a well developed and cultured society.

Code of Conduct

  • Academic year starts from 1 april and concludes 31 march each year.
  • School calendar will be prepared at the beginning of the session ,detailing all the events to be undertaken in the school during the academic year.
  • Holidays in the school will be decided by the principal in consultation with Management.
  • All staff will be entitled for eight casual leave in one academic year.CL can be taken one at a time.However in case of some emergent need it can be clubbed and taken in maximum number of three at a stretch.Anybody who wants to take leave must take prior permission from principal.However principal and vice principal need to take permission from management.
  • All staff has to compulsorily reach school well with in time.In the event of late attendance for five days one CL will be counted in leave account.
  • All staff has to appear in school in neat and clean formal dresses in routine days.However during any of the FUNCTIONS in the school female staff has to come in plain white saree and blouse(white sweater/shawl in winter) and male staff has to come in black pant and white shirt(black coat and black tie in winter
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly restricted in teaching hours. All phones to be deposited with principal after arrival to the school campus and collected back upon leaving the campus.
  • Collection of fees would be done by respective class teacher on 15 and 30 of each month.Upon collection of fees it has to be properly accounted in the fee register along with the fee receipts and handed over to the principal who after entering into register, hand it over to accountant.
  • Register day and Parents teacher meeting will be fixed at 30 each month.
  • All staff must maintain high order of DISCIPLINE, DECENCY AND MODESTY in their behavior on campus. Any kind of demeaning behavior would be taken seriously and because enough for termination of the job with immediate effect.
  • Principal must take at least three rounds of the classes while teaching is going on and submit a report about the conduct of the teachers in class to the management each month.
  • Campus must be kept clean and orderly. Adequate arrangements must be made to ensure that the interiors of classrooms are orderly, external area be clean and toilets maintained HYGIENICALLY AND ODORLESS. The responsibility in this regard rests with principal.
  • The students coming to the school must be educated in a friendly atmosphere with special emphasis on MORAL VALUES AND HYGIENE.
  • YOGA AND GAMES must be imparted as an essential ingredient of on campus activity. Similarly special emphasis must be given in DEBATE, DANCE, DRAMATICS AND PERFORMING ARTS ....
  • It must be noted down that the communications from top management would be done through MEETINGS,CALLS, MAILS AND MESSAGES ETC. Calls ,mails and messages from the top management shall be promptly responded by all concerned. Delay in this regard will be taken seriously. Principal and other staff members must make arrangements on their end to view messages, mails and calls appropriately and respond immediately.
  • School will be managed through a system of committees. Separate committees will be formed and intimated to the concerned along with their functions. Overall supervision of the committees and their effective functioning will be ensured by Principal.
  • Any of the staff member who wants to leave the institution must give at least one month prior notice in writing, failing which the salary of concerned month shall be forfeited and he will not be issued experience certificate.
  • However if school management want to expel or discontinue the services of any staff member including principal, it may do so after giving notice of one month orally or in writing. However in cases of indiscipline, insubordination, immorality and other serious nature of misconduct would invite automatic termination with immediate effect, for which no notice would be required.
  • It must be noted down that the students who come to the school are from diverse socio-economic background therefore utmost care must be given in inculcating genuine moral and academic values in them through the manner congenial to them.No coercive methods should be adopted and they should be treated with respect ,care and parental touch.
  • Collecting students in the morning, taking due attendance and seeing them off after end of the session of the day ,will be primary responsibility of the class teachers. They would ensure that all children who were present during the day must be duly and safely reach home. Needless to mention that principal should supervise this efficiently. Only after all children safely left from the school campus, the staff will leave the campus.
  • It may be noted down. that during normal period of the year the timings of the school will be from 8 am to 2 pm.However during extreme weather conditions changes can be made by the principal after consulting with management and must be duly informed to children ,their guardians and staff members. However teachers will leave the campus after 45 minutes of the school timings. Fifteen mins for sending off children, fifteen mins for their school work and fifteen mins they will sit with principal, who will review the day with them on routine basis. This can also be utilized for brainstorming session to put forward innovative ideas for excellence in education or to review committee functions. The specific time guidelines must be noted down by all and must be followed sincerely. Also punctuality of time must be maintained. At the time of arrival and departure all staff members are supposed to sign the attendance register and biometric attendance compulsorily.

Child Safety Policy

At every school, we ensure that our Child Safety policy is followed. At school, children need a safe, secure and comfortable environment to learn to the best of their capability. This means they should feel safe enough to effectively interact with their teachers and classmates. Safety at Bimla Public schools is top priority